Major Projects

My education at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln's Industrial Engineering Department has combined theoretical knowledge and practical application. In particular, I am proud of four major projects

Nebraska Model

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development contracted with our laboratory to provide a theoretical case for locating corporate warehouses and destruction centers in the state. The project is currently ongoing.


Lindsay Manufacturing Company requested that we describe and prototype an electronic, Internet-based system for interacting with suppliers and other contractors. We generated a manuscript, which is available online, and helped familiarize Lindsay's leadership with the latest industrial-sourcing technologies.


I was the lead researchers in a series of tests to demonstrate the practicality of Radio Frequency Identification in supply chain automation. By altering facilities layout, package orientation, and other variables, I subjected this hot new technology to real-world conditions. My results are available online.

Six Sigma and Offshore Outsourcing

I combined my American graduate training with my Chinese work experience to analyze SpeedWay Motor Company's offshore outsourcing strategy. Applying Six Sigma, DMAIC, SIPOC, and other methods, I successfully synthesized research on the corporation with data supplied by the Mechanical Test Center of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln,