Xiaofei Gao


Master Thesis - - An Evaluation of RFID Systems

My thesis, “An evaluation of RFID systems: An explorative analysis of interaction effects on RFID Systems” was successfully defended in December 2007. As I wrote in my abstract:

The goal of this study was to investigate the effects of common factors in RFID applications, as well as their interaction effects, to aid engineers in making informed RFID decisions. This RFID system performance evaluation study demonstrates a procedure for designing and implementing RFID systems. The study describes a step by step procedure to illustrate an industrial study in order to bridge the gap between an experimental study and engineering application. A design of the experiment methodology using a factorial design was shown in this study to address the problems of incomplete planning and preparation by experimenters. Three scenarios are analyzed for main and interaction effects using analysis of variance (ANOVA) tests. To that end, the system configuration and its effects on read rates are interpreted and evaluated to multiple variables experiments.

The thesis, as well as the powerpoint I used to present it, are available upon request.

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